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Tigre Fino

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Tigre Fino

His music is viral and is captivating all kinds of generations with exotic lyrics from the streets that emerges out of the ordinary, blended with urban, futuristic, and electronic sounds, and with a promising attitude to shock your sense; that’s the characterization of Tigre Fino. Born as a writer in the heart of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and raised as a rapper and reggaeton artist by destiny. The writer, producer and artist Jorge El Tigre Fino Castillo passed his adolescence writing urban songs, and making local artistic and theatrical presentations as a hobby; without knowing that his talented skills will revolutionize his future. It wasn’t until 2008 that this stellar composer wrote and produced 16 songs in a short period time of less than three months; including 13 songs in Spanish and 3 songs in English, in which 14 of these 16 songs were included in his album Como Yo; this album was released the same year.


In 2009 he became part of The Global Climate Change Music Project in Melbourne, Australia. This is one of the biggest and humanitarian’s worldwide projects in which included 193 composers from around the world, and each composer was representing their own country. That same year he signed a music license agreement with the EOS Music Corporation for distribution in storage medias and music players for commercial establishments, and a publishing agreement with Songs To Your Eyes for distribution on cable TV networks nationwide and internationally. Tigre Fino with his knowledge and skills in the music production has created his own music genres that calls them Menggaetronic and Reggaetronic, which are also part of what he calls Electronica Latina. His music always encourages fans from different ages and generations to have fun and enjoy life, while also encouraging young talents to follow their dreams, not to give up, and to work hard to make their dreams come true. Now his music is internationally known, but is goal is to continue crossing borders and take it worldwide.



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